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goldmine for lots (and lots) of people" - teachers, trainers, consultants, managers and anyone who facilitates learning.
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Articles about Reviewing (Debriefing)
by Roger Greenaway

Agile Debriefing = Speed + Quality
Reviewing in Twos
Reviewing for Wellbeing
Learning from Triumphs and Disasters
• Zooming In and Out when Facilitating Learning
• How Active Reviewing and Reflection Support Learning and Change
• Avoid These Common Traps in Reviewing
Takeaways for Future Learning
Time-Savers for Facilitators
Reviewing with Cards
Designing Review Methods
Reviewing Outdoors
What do Facilitators do?
Reviewing for All
Reviewing for Development
Reviewing for Leaders
Reviewing for Teams
Reviewing for Fun
Designing Review Sessions
Designs for Reviewing
Reviewing with Large Groups
Reviewing with Pictures
Reviewing with Ropes
Facilitation: the art of reviewing
Real Reviewing: Beyond Cliches
Reflection Before Action (pdf)
Reviewing for Different Ages
Reviewing for Newcomers
Reviewing for Conflict Resolution
Reviewing for Results
Reviewing for Starters
Reviewing without a Facilitator
Reviewing when Short of Time

Reviewing with ...
Action Replay

Other reviewing topics

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Free Videos
action replay video See these videos of active reviewing
Active Learning Manual
Active Learning Manual (intro) (3' 20")

Action Replay Video
Action Replay video (1' 10")

Moving Stones video
Moving Stones video (1' 30")

Talking Knot video (1 min)

Writing by Roger Greenaway
about facilitating experiential learning

English language books to which Roger has contributed:

handbook of experiential learning  Train the Trainer 
View more books like this ...

Foreign language books drawing on Roger's methods:

Reviewingtechnieken  Debriefing in Cantonese
View more books in other languages ...

Roger's own publications about experiential learning:

Playback  More Than Activities
View more books by Roger ...

Several of Roger's articles have appeared in print:

The Art of Reviewing  How Transfer Happens 

View 50 more articles about active reviewing ...

For an indexed selection of books about experiential learning by other authors, see Roger's Active Learning Bookshop.

Trainer Training Workshops

Hong Kong July 16-17th In-house training, Hong Kong
UK Nov 6th Active Reviewing Outdoors

If you wish to host an open workshop or enquire about in-house training, please get in touch:

Sample Workshop Content
Customised, in-house or open events

How to bring a workshop closer to you

Roger Greenaway outdoor workshop
A briefing for 'storyline' with outdoor educators.

Reflective activities work indoors too ...
Active Reviewing Tips Card

These pictures come from a tips card produced by Sino-Associates as follow-up to Roger's workshop "How to Facilitate Learning From Experience" (Pearl Theatre, Shanghai, 2014)

If you wish to take part in an Active Reviewing workshop in China or host or attend a workshop in any other country, please get in touch...

Roger GreenawayCONTACT

Roger Greenaway
Reviewing Skills Training
9 Drummond Place Lane

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Dr. Roger Greenaway     Roger Greenaway

"In my opinion, Roger Greenaway is the greatest genius in the area of debriefing (or reviewing as he calls it). Roger has had a significant impact on the work I do." Thiagi

Roger trains facilitators, educators, trainers and consultants to bring out the full benefits of active and experiential learning. He works with training organisations, training departments and educational institutions - worldwide. More about Roger.

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What Clients Say

"Your training has had a huge impact. At a guess the training of 8-10 people that day has lead to the use of your tools to at least 500 people plus! Your training workshop 'moving bodies moving minds' has certainly done that. It opens minds, ensures everyone contributes, helps people think differently, shares different views and develops ideas." Dawn Cordy Denmark

"Whenever I point one of my Agile coach friends to your material they are wowed - big time!  And these are people who live and breathe 'facilitation'." Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean­-Agile Partners, Inc., President

"Roger is highly professional and highly respected in the field of Experiential Learning and Management Development. He has successfully worked with senior faculty at Ashridge Business School on two occasions and his techniques are widely used in the organisation." Angela Jowitt UK

"The active reviewing techniques Roger presented have really revolutionized my whole approach to adventure based learning... of far greater impact was Roger's personal philosophy and his immensely positive approach."
Chan Yuen-Li Malaysia

"Roger's active and creative reviewing skills are the absolute cornerstone of our work in facilitating team and leadership development at Azesta ... our clients are continually praising the interesting, creative and active reviewing techniques that we use." Shirley Gaston UK

"I recommend Roger and his work with reviewing. He is one of the finest facilitators I know. His reviewing method has revolutionised my own work, and it keeps on being an inspiration." Jacob Lindeblad Denmark

"We have used many of your reviewing tools and transfer strategies in our programs already, very effective and innovative! Our clients like it, we like it… my favorite is Metaphor Map, which I used a lot as last summarize activity in my program with fantastic effects!" Susan Zhu China

"Roger showed the capacity to adapt quite easily to our Chilean culture. As a result we had an excellent and memorable training. 100% of the Roger´s work was applicable and practical and very clever and based in deep knowledge and experience." Camilo Mendoza Chile

"Roger knows more about how to turn experience into learning than anyone I know, or know of. His particular brand of creativity--always seeing multiple ways to look at things, plus deep experience and thoughtful, research-based approach make him second to none in his field." William Spencer USA

"We looked long and hard for a facilitator to work with our team... All approaches to Roger came back with a thoughtful and insightful response. We felt certain we could work with Roger ... and we would not hesitate to work with Roger again." Sharon Naylor UK

"Roger is a world class master at evoking wise action from groups. If you wish your groups and teams to take even wiser and even more effective action, I strongly recommend getting to know Roger personally." Tim Pearson USA

"I have seen Roger work across cultures with a natural ease that is inspiring. It is hard to find an equal combination of modesty and excellence in experiential education or training." Jac Rongen Netherlands English pages at

"Roger is the world leader in reviewing and experiential learning... He changed the way people in South Africa think about outdoor and indoor activities and taught us how to add value to any activity." Roelf Opperman South Africa

View more client testimonials ...

What visitors say ...

" helped me tremendously in my facilitator career. Before reading Roger's materials I was doing a maximum of one review per training session with moderate success. After reading the materials I have implemented active reviewing throughout my trainings and the changes have been instantaneous." Bogdan Vaida Romania

"One of the best training sites I've ever seen."

"It is an amazing site ... there are so many practical suggestions and tips provided here."

"A refresher. Creative ideas. Practical for those with a 'yearning for learning'."

"The content has really lured me into becoming a daily visitor to your site. Thanks."

"Your work has a sense of inclusivity and completeness not found in many other writers."

"Lots of great ideas for anyone interested in experiential education."

"I like the way you look at everything and then return to what is simple, effective and memorable."

"I liked all the possibilities presented here ... This was just what I was looking for!"

"Your site is awesome. It has been extremely helpful with our "Train the Trainer" program."

"It is fabulous. What you say really hits home"

The above comments are from 16 years ago! The Active Reviewing Guide is now 5 times bigger. This growth is mostly inspired by questions from visitors like you. Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

Video Review
A more recent visitor explored and found it to be "one of the most resource intensive sites I've ever visited." See Garry Platt's video review

The most popular page
Over the last ten years the most visited page on this site is the ever-growing page about experiential learning research.

Half-way there?
Many practitioners are committed to active learning and so they provide engaging activities for learners. But when it comes to reflecting on experience (in the review or debrief) it often happens that both activity and engagement levels fall sharply, so ...

Reviewing Skills Training
- through Roger's interactive workshops and writings - shows practitioners how to make the whole learning process more engaging, participatory, meaningful and productive. Practitioners can avoid slipping back into patterns of low engagement by learning new ways of fully engaging people throughout the whole process of learning through experience.

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