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SiteFinder Volume 1 Issue 1 - May 1998
Why this directory?
Why this newsletter?
Reviews and Awards
Tracker's Tips
Tracker's Tip No.1
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Promotion: 3 ways to do it
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Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 1 of the e-mail companion to the
Adventure and Experiential Education Directory of Web Sites
Editor: Roger Greenaway roger@reviewing.co.uk
Copyright 1998 Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training

This free monthly ezine will include news of:
the latest new entries to the directory
site reviews and awards (and how you can contribute)
searcher-friendly improvements
other directories of 'experiential' web sites



'S I T E . F I N D E R' (for short) simply arose from my own
frustrations while searching the net for inspirational web
sites about 'adventure-based learning' (one problem being
the vast array of 'non-unique' keywords that describe our

I wanted to know ... 'HOW and WHY are people using
outdoor adventure for learning, growth, development,
empowerment, education, training, therapy, reflection,
inspiration, etc.?'

I was slowly finding some great sites via search engines and
discussion groups and recommendations. But the pace (and
effort) of searching was more like an archaeological dig
than the speed I expected on the 'Information Superhighway'.

I now find that some great sites are coming to me (and you)
- via 'SITE FINDER'. But the process has only just begun.
There must be lots more interesting sites out there! With
your help they too will be finding their way to the



How many websites have you visited, then bookmarked as a
'favourite' and never returned to?

Retracing your steps does not come easy, especially if you
have an adventurous spirit and an enquiring mind. But that's
exactly the kind of person that will gain from using and
supporting this directory!! As a subscriber to this ezine you
will get a gentle monthly(ish) reminder about the existence
of the SITE FINDER directory - plus a few tasters (such as
site reviews) to help you on your travels in cyberspace.



There are many clever schemes on the internet for attracting
people to websites, but I am old-fashioned enough to believe
that 'word of mouth' works better than 'click of the mouse'.
In any case, our main 'mouthpiece' on the internet is still
e-mail (which some call 'chat' anyway!). So let's get

If you have found a site that you want to recommend (or
comment on) to other surfers, then write in to this
address: roger@reviewing.co.uk
Your comments may well appear in the next ezine or in a
(new) comments section within the directory - though
publication is not guaranteed.

To help you get started (sending in comments about sites
that interest you) I am suggesting some special topics to
look out for over the next few issues:

Issue 2: Sites with pages about research, evaluation or
with background articles. (eXperientia plus ...?)
Issue 3: Sites with interesting things to do (Christian
Itin's chat room? The Ropes List message board plus ...?)
Issue 4: Sites with great stories or insights. (...?)
Issue 5: Sites that smell of creativity, innovation, new
approaches (Footbag Peace Initiative plus...?)
Issue 6: Sites that make you want to borrow their designer
to make a site for you. (...?)
Issue 7: Sites that ... [Please suggest topics that
interest you!]

As a true adventurer, you won't know in advance what you
will find interesting about a site, so ANY comments on ANY
topics are welcome at ANY time. But the above list may help
prompt you to action.

[If you have a site in the directory, why not start by
visiting the other sites on your page?]

Please send your review comments (between 3 and 10 sentences
in length) to:
NEW! To encourage ALL visitors to the directory to comment
on sites (and not just subscribers to this ezine) there are
now comment forms on every page of the directory. You may
use them too!
Watch this space in future issues for comments and reviews!



TRACKER'S TIPS is for surfers and site promoters. The tips
that appear here will mostly be about searching for sites
specifically in the
sector! (And will not just be general surfing tips.)

This directory exists because it is difficult to track down
sites in this sector that you want to visit. Even if you are
an expert with search engines, there are still many great
'outdoor education' sites that will not show up in your
searches - because it usually takes a lot of dedicated hard
work to get a site noticed in search engine or directory
listings. And over 40% of web sites are not indexed at all
in ANY search engines!



There are many weird and wonderful 'Webrings' on the
internet. Rings link similar sites together. You can tour
these rings at random, in sequence or by selecting
interesting looking sites from a list of ring members.
There's an 'Education and Training' Web Ring and a
'John Dewey' Web Ring and lots more that may interest
A new ring has just begun: the Ropes Web Ring. You
can get onto the ring at
where you will find more details from Jeff Anderson if you
have a website and want to sign up too!
You can search for ANY ring at:
or start your own!


====>> '404 FILE NOT FOUND'

If you come across any messages like this while browsing the
directory, please let me know. 3 sites in the directory have
recently 'disappeared' without trace. There are many reasons
why this can happen. It usually means that the website has
moved to a new location. If the site-owner's e-mail address
still works then I can send them an e-mail to find their new
web site address.



If you want to help promote this resource, here are some
ideas you can use, adapt or just copy and paste:

1) Forward this ezine to a friend or two, but ...

2) ... if you want to tell a newsgroup or discussion group,
just drop them a very BRIEF note with a personal
recommendation. (Please don't forward the whole ezine
to such a group as it may be seen as spam.)

3) Here's a short ad ready to copy and paste - anywhere!

. . . . . ====>> . S I T E . F I N D E R . ====>> . . . . .
Find the best web sites for experiential learning in the
Adventure and Experiential Education Directory. Find reviews
of new and cool sites in the free monthly newsletter at:


====>> END BITS

The NEXT ISSUE will feature sites with articles about their
work or about research and evaluation. If you know of such
sites (or have such a site yourself) be sure to let me know
and it will get a mention - and even a review - especially if
can write 3 -10 sentences about it!! :-)
Did you know that you can sign up for TWO monthly ezines on
the same web site?
You can sign up for both the 'Experiential Education
Directory' (this ezine) and 'Active Reviewing Tips' at:
Copyright, 1998. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training.
Feel free to copy or forward this newsletter in its entirety
to your friends and colleagues (and thanks for doing so!).
Comments and Contributions always welcome.
Please write to: roger@reviewing.co.uk

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