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====>> C O N T E N T S   Volume 1 Issue 2

======>> S I T E - F I N D E R ======>>
Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 2 of the e-mail companion to the
'Sitefinder: Adventure and Experiential Education Directory'
Editor: Roger Greenaway roger@reviewing.co.uk
Copyright 1998 Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
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Last issue: MAY 1998 ...... This Issue: AUGUST 1998
I know that from the end of May to the beginning of August
is more than a month! Future issues will be more regular
- especially now that the directory is taking off. The more
news there is the easier it is to produce a newsletter!
Each issue aims to include news of:
• the latest new entries to the SiteFinder Directory
• site reviews and awards (and how you can contribute)
• searcher-friendly improvements
• other directories of 'experiential' web sites

====>> S T A T I S T I C S
There are now 66 entries in the directory. The initial target
of 100 is within sight. Why 100? 100 seemed like a suitable
size from which to launch stage 2 - site reviews an awards.
Thank you for subscribing to this ezine. To celebrate this
milestone I am announcing a 'Prize Draw'. (see later)

====>> N E W . E N T R I E S
Here are the latest websites to be added to the directory.
You can visit these sites direct from the links below, or
you can read their 4-line profiles in the SiteFinder
Coleman Wheeler 
The Great American Adventure Club 
Coleman Wheeler 
Nature's Classroom 
http://www.angelfire.com/il/adventureclub/naturesclass.html [URL may have changed]
Dick Pohl, EdD 
Dr Iain Jennings FRGS FIPD, Director 
Peak Activities Ltd., Rock Lea, Hathersage. 
John Jeffery 
Villanova Challenge Course 
http://www.vill.edu/~ropes/course.htm [URL may have changed]
Brian Bell 
College of the Rockies, Fernie, British Columbia, Canada 
Dorset Expeditionary Society 
John Logan 
Experiential Challenge Programs Inc. 
Lakehead University Faculty of Education Outdoor
Experiential Education Programs 
Lee Gillis 
Georgia College & State University 
Rich Weider 
Team Craft 

====>> Y A H O O . & . N E W H O O
NewHoo could one day be bigger and better than Yahoo.
Although Yahoo is the most popular directory on the
internet, I can't imagine it being so amongst people
who are searching for 'Experiential Education' sites.
I first checked the 'Experiential Education' section of
Yahoo (within the Education/Theory and Methods section)
several months ago, and there are still only 3 entries!
'Holistic Education' also has just 3 entries, 'Service
Learning' has 8 entries. 'Character Education' seems to
have a little more appeal for Yahoo editors - with 23 web
sites listed.
The pace at which the internet is growing seems to be
outpacing the editors at Yahoo. NewHoo think they have
the answer (although they are still very 'new').
NewHoo is a bit like Yahoo, except that instead of employing
staff to review sites, they rely on volunteers to review
them. It depends on a huge volunteer army of part-timers
rather than on a small professional army of full-timers.
Sharing out the work amongst enthusiasts seems to be a good
way to develop a resource and a community. The big advantage
we have over 'NewHoo' is that we are a little more focused!
And I haven't notice NewHoo offering any prizes! (see below)
I can see no sign yet of any categories that are of interest
to experiential educators. NewHoo welcome suggestions for
categories and they are also looking for volunteer editors.
Have a look. Give it a go. If you do get involved, please
write into this ezine and let us know. Tell us if you manage
to get more than 3 websites listed in an 'Experiential
Education' category (or similar).
I suspect that NewHoo may quickly become better than Yahoo
for minority/specialist interests - the kind of interests
that volunteers can get enthused about, and that aren't
already well indexed on the web.
Please write in with your experiences of Yahoo or NewHoo,
especially if you find any interesting 'experiential'
categories that I have not mentioned above.

====>> A N N O U N C I N G . A . P R I Z E . D R A W
Everyone who has signed up for this ezine is interested
in finding good sites about Adventure and Experiential
Education. The current descriptive listing of 60+ sites
should help you to find what you are looking for.
Independent review comments highlighting people's favourite
sites will make it an even better resource. I am hoping that
an extra incentive (in the form of a prize draw) will help
to get this process moving.
You can find the full details on the site - by clicking the
'more information' link on the restyled reply form at the
foot of each directory page. The forms are designed to
encourage SiteFinder visitors to 'volunteer' a comment or
two. Almost any volunteer contribution is rewarded with an
entry in the prize draw e.g.
• review comments about a good site
• news, tips or articles for this newsletter
• spreading the word (finding a new subscriber)
• reporting dead links
You choose the prize you would like when you enter the draw.
There are three books on the current prize list. Draws will
take place on 1st October, 1st December, 1st February, etc.
What about the months in between? If anyone wants to offer
a prize for any of the months in between, please let me
know. Awarding a prize naturally gives you instant fame in
this ezine!
The first prize will be announced in the October issue of
this newsletter.

====>> R E S E A R C H . S I T E S
I have two favourite research sites for 'adventure and
experiential education'(what are yours?).
The first of these sites is not listed in SiteFinder. It is
the home of the outdoor research list - where you can visit
the archives or join up, ask a question (or reply to one!).
My other favourite research site is Simon Priest's well
organised eXperientia site. You will find summaries of 25
studies and this list of 5 studies in progress. These are:
# all-women's programming
# executive leadership canoe expedition
# frontloading versus funnelling
# demographic interactions
# facilitation training for managers
You are invited to send in details about other research for
inclusion in the research section of the eXperientia site.
Simon says: ''tell me about your study and I'll add a
The emphasis is on CAT (Corporate Adventure Training) and
EBTD (Experience-Based Training and Development), but many
of the findings are highly relevant to other kinds of
experiential learning.
8 MORE SITES listed in SiteFinder declare an interest in

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