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Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 3 of the e-mail companion to the
'Sitefinder: Adventure and Experiential Education Directory'
Editor: Roger Greenaway roger@reviewing.co.uk
Copyright 1998 Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
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========>> M A I N   F E A T U R E
>>> A review of three web sites in the SiteFinder Directory <<<

====>> W h a t ?   N o   r o p e s   c o u r s e !
What do the Grand Canyon, yachting and 'Hacky Sacking' have in
I'll spoil the suspense and tell you. They are all sources of
inspiration for 3 distinct 'approaches' to active learning. Each
'approach' also has a place on the web where you can find out
more. 'Approach' is an understatement - the experience, thinking
and track records of each way of working/living is truly
• Daniel Botkin's 'Footbag Peace Initiative'
• Dick Pohl's 'LeadYourShip'
• 'The Creative World of Coleman Wheeler'
The educational philosophy of each site is very different. The
variety spans community work, leadership training and youth
development. So across these 3 web sites, there's something for
All 3 sites convey a strong sense of energy, idealism and
mission. Their visions of a less violent and more caring world
are rooted in practice. All are doers, and all give inspiring
accounts of *what* they do, *how* they do it and *why* they do
It may at first seem as if there are 3 ready-made recipes on
offer. It is true that you will find sample programmes, but these
are simply examples of what is possible. In all three cases,
learners influence, shape and develop what happens rather than
following a pre-set journey laid out by an 'experience provider'.
Yes, there are connections between these 'approaches'. But these
are 3 highly individualistic sites. Each site describes 3 very
DIFFERENT ways of engaging people in developmental experiences,
making use of ...
• The vastness of the Great Outdoors
• The tight metaphors of work simulation on a boat
• The street appeal and intensity of a Footbag work-out
What these 3 kinds of experience appear to have in COMMON is
• they are intrinsically rewarding
• they are out of the ordinary
• they inspire a renewed sense of commitment to self, others and
the world.
All 3 websites are worth a visit:
• by students
• by potential customers
• by people wondering how you do experiential learning without a
ropes course
• and by curious people like you!

====>> W h a t . m a k e s . a . g r e a t . w e b . s i t e ?
Design features that stand out in the three websites reviewed:
1) Personality
Personality comes across loud and clear - thanks to punchy
messages, photos of each author (2 have 'action' shots), and page
designs that stand out.
2) Testimonials
Clients' perspectives seem essential. The length and depth of the
Footbag testimonials makes this far more than a 'credibility'
exercise - they provide real insights into the Footbag phenomena.
3) Attention Grabbing <<<<<<<<< :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Research may say that nothing beats black on white for ease of
reading, but you need to grab people's attention before they want
to settle down to a good read.
• 'Creative World ...' is probably the most colourful site in the
SiteFinder directory. It not only grabs your attention. It leaves
you with lasting images.
• 'LeadYourShip' grabs attention through word play - and arouses
you with music from Vangelis.
• 'Footbag' makes impact with street lingo and the fonts to go
with it.
4)Things to do on site (and 'free gifts')
• Coleman's site offers three 'contests': 'The Experiential
Explorers', 'Where in the World? (photo recognition)' and 'The
Call of the Wild' (a quiz about the Great Outdoors).
• Dick invites you to print out the 'Integrated Health Profile'
questionnaire to check the balances in your life.
• Daniel provides patterns and ''simple, step by step
instructions'' on how to sew your own footbag!
These 3 experiential educators expect you to get involved!


====>> N E W . E N T R I E S
Here are the latest websites to be added to the directory.
You can visit these sites direct from the links below, or
you can read their 4-line profiles in the SiteFinder
Jim Davis
Managerie Training Systems
Rob Benson
Crossroads Experiential Learning, LLC
http://www.magnolia.net/~xroads [URL may have changed]

====>> C A T E G O R Y . 2 . . . U . K . S I T E S
The first special search category was announced in the last
issue: RESEARCH.
The new category this month is a geographical one: U.K. SITES.
These sites are now listed on a separate page
as well as in the main index pages.
Why not suggest a new category? Is there a category that would
help you to find what you are looking for more quickly?

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