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~~~~>> CONTENTS  Vol 1 Issue 6

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    ''HOW and WHY are people are using outdoor adventure
    for learning, growth, development, empowerment, education,
    training, therapy, reflection or inspiration?''
Each issue points to resources about 'HOW' and 'WHY'
and AIMS to be of practical and inspirational value both
to 'SURFERS' (searchers) and to 'WAVE-MAKERS' (site owners).

What do scuba-diving, footbag, paintball, horse-riding,
mountain-climbing, dog-sledding, flying, blind landrover driving,
sailing, archery, golf, and ropes courses have in common?
    • Yes, they are all outdoor activities.
    • Yes, they are all used as a 'vehicle' for learning
something else.
    • And they are all activities where training providers put
all their eggs in 'one basket'.
In other words, virtually all of the training is based around
The providers of these single activity courses seem to put twice
as much thought and effort into explaining how their ONE activity
can be used to provide all the benefits that the customer wants.
You may remember the inspiring examples in a recent newsletter
that included reviews of two web sites about 'single activity'
courses. They were:
The Footbag Peace Initiative <http://www.valinet.com/~dbotkin>
and LeadYourShip <http://www.LeadYourShip.com>
Paul Hunting's article about using horses in management
development is different again. And it provides insights into
ways of learning that are not possible with inanimate objects!
You will find a taster below.
I will be providing an index on my site from which you will be
able to learn about SINGLE ACTIVITY COURSES. An alphabetical
index of activities will take you to pages on my site and other
sites where you can learn about the WHY and HOW of these bold
ventures. [This new page will be announced here early next year.]
Single Activity courses seem to get much deeper into the
*quality* of the experience. And they seem to be much better at
bringing out the *special qualities* that particular activities
can 'tap into' and 'bring out'. They also seem to be far more
dependent on effective REVIEWING (processing) for producing the
desired learning outcomes. [I would say that wouldn't I?]
What are your views on the subject of single activity courses?

Paul Hunting writes ...
''Staff and clients prepared themselves with some trepidation to
test a state-of-the-art leadership development system.
''Code name: 'Ernie'. This stunning piece of technology had been
in the genetic design phase for over sixty million years. Ernie
has one tail, four feet and sixteen hands. Yes, he's a horse!  We
were the design team for a leadership programme that would take
'outdoor management development' into a new realm of possibility.
What was Ernie doing there? What were we doing there? What on
earth is the connection between riding a horse and business
Paul's article ends with an explanation of 'R-I-D-E':
''It seems that as humans we experience life through the filters
of two primary states of being: 'trusting' and 'controlling'.
When we are being 'trusting' we are operating from a context of
what I like to call  'R-I-D-E': Response-ability Integrity
Direction Enthusiasm.''
'RIDE FOR YOUR LIFE (tm), provides tailored equestrian-based
leadership development and coaching skills. Contact Paul Hunting:

Congratulations to Iain Jennings for winning December's prize - a
copy of 'Reviewing Adventures: Why and How'. Iain is finding the
internet a useful tool. He writes ...
"As you know Roger, although our  firm's Sports and
Corporate Hospitality divisions have got a lot of coverage
in media and on television - our core business is still our
Training Division's team building consultancy work and
management development work...
''By putting information for students and customers on line
customers can get information more or less straight away if
they want it...
''Ideally we wanted to make information rapidly available
without having to chop down a forest to make the paper
for all the leaflets and brochures we used to send out by the
thousand to telephone enquirers !  The internet is potentially
a great medium for us and other outdoor education and training
providers to use to help spread the word about what's available,
research results, ideas for new developments, etc.
[Roger: I couldn't agree more Iain!!]
''I am looking forward to the time when web servers are smart
and fast enough for us to include videos of activities and
include interviews with past delegates and clients on our site.
''Another possibility getting us really excited is the way in
which the internet is allowing us to set up mutually helpful and
worthwhile networking links with fellow consultants and providers
who want to use our premises and staff and other facilities.  We
are delighted that the net is helping us to hear from fellow
training professionals who feel they'd like to work alongside us.
''I'm pleased to see your web site developing as it is.  It seems
to be a useful focus for networking and comment. We wish you
every success with your worthy mission."
Managing Director, Peak Activities Limited

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~~~~>> NEW BOOK and VIDEO
Kendall Hunt (1998)
A workbook and video about using metaphors.

~~> Baobab's Natural Philosophy Center
How to explain the inexplicable? Over 100 articles and web
resources about our connection to the natural world, including
modern and historical natural philosophy, environmental
philosophers, eco-feminism, environmental ethics, laws, political
movements, and ecological activists. Plus there's a free
bi-weekly update you can sign up for.
<baobabcomputing.com/naturalphilosophy [dead link?]>
Link found at <http://www.brathay.org.uk>:
~~> Sustainable economics and organisations
~~> Sustainable transport:
"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I have faith in the future of
the human race" - H.G. Wells
Sustrans is a civil engineering charity which designs and builds
routes for cyclists, walkers and people with disabilities.
Sustrans is promoting a 6,500-mile National Cycle Network for the
UK which will link schools, houses, shops and workplaces with
each other and with the countryside.
A superb site. Don't miss the 'RIDE THE NET' page - plenty of
innovative ideas that you can recycle ;-) in your own programme.
The LINKS page has well organised UK and WORLDWIDE links.
How good is a bike as a 'vehicle' for experiential education?
Any views or links on the subject?

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