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> 1 <  Your Dreams for 2000, 2001, 2002 ....
> 2 <  Did you know that ...?
> 3 <  Next Issue ... Next Year
[This is a revised version of the original 2.12 issue.]

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<> 1 <> YOUR DREAMS FOR 2000, 2001, 2002 ....

Yes it's dream time!

?? What would you really, really like to find on the web next

?? What kind of website or internet-based resource would really
help or inspire you in your work?

?? What kind of internet facility would make a real difference to
your continuing professional development?

?? A single web page (or 'portal') where you can find everything
you want in one place? If so, what are the top items on your
'everything' list? Which sites currently get closest to meeting
your needs? How could they be better?

?? Instant answers to your questions - about finding a person, a
job, equipment, a book, an article, legal advice, insurance?

?? Chat rooms or discussion lists to meet people with similar
interests? If so what particular interests would you like to
explore in this way?

?? In depth articles about topical issues delivered by email? If
so, what kind of topics would you like to read about in this way?

?? Interviews with interesting people? If so, which interesting
people? Or what kinds of interesting people? Would you just like
to read the interviews, or would you also like to ask some
questions? What questions would you like to ask? And to whom?

?? Authoritative answers to common questions such as
''What EVIDENCE is there that adventure/experiential learning is
''What is the SAFETY record of outdoor/adventure learning
''What COMPETENCIES and qualifications are needed to enter and
progress in this industry?''
''Where can I find an index of the latest RESEARCH findings?''

?? Great ideas about how to convince 'non-believers' that
'experiential' approaches are worthwhile - and that they should
support you in what you do AND try out some of these more dynamic
methods themselves.

?? What words or phrases or questions do YOU type into search
engine boxes only to find ... disappointment :-(

The web is what we make it. What do you want to make it? By
sharing your dreams with other SiteFinder readers two things can

1) Another helpful subscriber will tell you that your dreams have
already been answered and will give you a helpful link to a site
that you didn't know existed (or didn't know had improved so

2) You will find other dreamers dreaming the same dreams. That's
a good start for creating new realities!

A 10% response to this request to share your dreams will bring in
nearly 40 responses - and an interesting first issue of
Sitefinder for next year - for 100% of SiteFinder readers. Start
dreaming and tapping away!

One answer to just one question is enough - but answer more if
you like :-)

Please send your dreams to me at: roger@reviewing.co.uk with the
subject line 'Dreams'

Happy dreaming and happy celebrations!

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>


<> 2 <> DID YOU KNOW THAT ...

Here are two quick and easy tips to help your computer system
make a smooth transition into the new century.

You will find more Y2K tips from Microsoft at:
To help you distinguish between 'advisable' and 'essential' take a look at:http://www.microsoft.com/y2k/hoax/y2khoax.htm
The hoax exaggerates the importance of making these particular changes,
but it is a good idea to make these changes anyway.
If you use Windows 3.x, scroll down a bit.

If you use Windows 95, 98 or NT read on.

If you use anything else ... check your date settings.

WINDOWS 95, 98 or NT
TIP 1: Change Regional Settings in Windows Control Panel
(For Windows 95 and 98)
Change the Short Date style in Regional Settings to a format that
uses four digits to represent the year. (Any option that includes
"yyyy" is fine.) This will ensure the display of fully
distinguished dates in Windows, as well as in the software
programs that use the default Windows Regional Settings to
determine their display of dates.

TIP 2: Use Four-Digit Years
Make it a habit to use four digit years when entering dates in
your personal data files, particularly for dates that might be
used in tracking or calculations. Check that important shared
documents and spreadsheets also have dates that are specified
with four-digit years.

In the main program manager window select the Control Panel and
follow this process through to OK:

Control Panel -> International -> Date Format -> Change -> SHORT
Date Format -> Century -> Check the box -> Click OK

After make these changes to your settings you should also make a
new emergency boot disk so that you never have to make these
changes again.
<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>


Normal service will be resumed next year.
I will be thoroughly predictable and start with predictions. Then

With your help
I hope that SiteFinder Ezine
will be packed with
lots of brilliant site REVIEWS
about lots of brilliant SITES
about lots of interesting DEVELOPMENTS
in adventure and experiential learning.

Let's start the year with sharing some DREAMS.

[Go back up to section 1 if you want to see the questions again.]

Please send your dreams to: roger@reviewing.co.uk with the
subject line 'Dreams'

Happy dreaming and happy celebrations!

And thank you for your continuing interest and support.

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