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What is debriefing? 

In many situations 'debriefing' is synonymous with 'reviewing'.

Reviewing is learning from experience - or enabling others to do so. Reviewing helps you get more from work, life and recreation - especially if you have the reviewing skills to match your ambitions.

A Definition of Reviewing

Reviewing is any process that helps you to make use of personal experience for your learning and development. These reviewing processes can include:
  • reflecting on experience
  • analysing experience
  • making sense of experience
  • communicating experience
  • reframing experience
  • learning from experience
Alternative terms for reviewing are 'processing', 'debriefing' and 'reflection'.

I use the term 'reviewing' in these two ways:

  • Sense 1: REVIEWING = LEARNING - the process of learning from experience itself (e.g. by keeping a diary, confiding with a friend, or talking with your mentor).
    Sense 1 is about what the learner does.

  • Sense 2: REVIEWING = HELPING OTHERS TO LEARN - the process of facilitating learning from experience for others (e.g. by asking questions, giving feedback, or exploring alternative explanations).
    Sense 2 is about what the facilitator does.
My main interest is in this second sense of 'reviewing', but you will find that many of these 'facilitation' skills (asking questions, giving feedback etc.) are also useful 'learning' skills. A good 'facilitator' uses their own reviewing skills (sense 2) to develop reviewing skills (sense 1) in others. A good facilitator will also use reviewing skills (sense 1) as part of their own continuing professional development. Facilitators should be learning from their own experiences too!

For more information see: Debriefing: What, Why and How?

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