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Learn how to facilitate learning from experience, make debriefing more dynamic and engage everyone in meaningful reflection.

"A goldmine for lots (and lots) of people"

   - teachers, trainers, consultants, managers and anyone who facilitates learning.

"Roger is highly professional and highly respected in the field of Experiential Learning and Management Development. He has successfully worked with senior faculty at Ashridge Business School on two occasions and his techniques are widely used in the organisation." Angela Jowitt  

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Many practitioners are committed to active learning and so they provide engaging activities for learners. But when it comes to reflecting on experience (in the review or debrief) it often happens that both activity and engagement levels fall sharply, so ...

Roger's interactive workshops, writings and videos show you how to make the whole learning process more inclusive, participatory, meaningful and productive.

Roger can help you learn how to engage people more fully throughout the whole process of learning and developing through experience - whatever the age of your participants.
ARTICLES Avoiding Common Traps | The Art of Reviewing | Time-Savers for Facilitators (pdf) | Zooming in and Out 
VIDEOS On YouTube: Active Learning | Action Replay | Moving Stones. Previews: Storyline | Missing Person.
AUDIOS How to get more from training activities using Active Reviewing with John Tomlinson
WORKSHOPS Facilitating Effective Reviews | How to Transfer Learning and Give your Training Lasting Impact | more
newONLINE COURSE Active Reviewing: A Practical Guide for Trainers and Facilitators presented by Bogdan Vaida
BOOKS The Handbook of Experiential Learning (Debriefing Chapter) | More books about reviewing
ACTIVE REVIEWING TIPS Agile Debriefing = Speed + Quality | Reviewing for Twos | Learning from Triumphs and Disasters 
UK CPD LISTING UK CPD Calendar and monthly listing for experiential trainers and outdoor educators.

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